A Tale of Modern Blog Blagging

I got an out-of-the-blue email a couple of weeks ago asking how much I’d charge for a text link from my blog. I thought about it, then realised that I had no idea. I know a bit about CPM and CPA numbers and I know how much traffic I get, so I figured that it wouldn’t be worth that much. And besides I don’t really fancy having ads on my site. So I ignored the email for a bit.

Then last week I was thinking about how much I’d like to have a wireless data card thingy for my laptop (so I can do stuff on the train, in a coffee shop, etc.). Anyway I found that T-Mobile have this really good ‘unlimited’ data package with a USB modem that works on a Mac. And it’s £29 a month, which isn’t all that bad considering how much use I’d get out of it given my commute and things.

So my devious mind got thinking…

I wonder if that advertiser would pay for my data subscription?

In my mind it worked as an idea because:

  • It’s not just a text ad anymore.
  • It makes them a contributor, of sorts, to the running of the blog which feels nicer.
  • I can write this blog post about it, which gives them some extra value out of the deal.

So I cheekily emailed them back to ask if they’d be up for sponsoring my wireless data subscription. And to my surprise they said yes.

Before I entered into the deal I tested out their service to make sure they weren’t con-people. And it all worked, product arrived, all good. So I’ve got no qualms about being associated with them.

So ladies and gentlemen, I bring you cartridgesave.co.uk


The new wireless update sponsors of Crackunit.com. Whatever kind of inkjet cartridge or toner you’re looking for give cartridgesave.co.uk a try (you get the idea). You’ll see a permanent link to them in the right hand column of the site from now on.

Their willingness to deal individually with me and my specific request puts them in a position of being a progressive online advertiser in my book.

I hope people don’t think this is ‘selling out’ in some way. I prefer to think of it as a sort of ‘bartering 2.0‘. I feel much more comfortable doing this for swaps rather than cash, I don’t think I’d like my blog to feel like business and this keeps it a safe distance away.

Here’s my new T-Mobile USB 3G widget – so far it’s all good.


Incidentally I do like those new iMacs. Anyone? Anyone? ;-)