Jobs Vs Gates – Lexical Density


Nice post by Russell about ‘Lexical Density’, which sounds much more scary than it is…

It got me thinking, all this stuff is all very well to analyse in retrospect, so what about a real-time speech analyser that monitors your lexical density, fog index, criminal overuse of words and phrases, etc. Perhaps something mounted in a pair of glasses with LEDs so you can modify your speech on-the-fly…

Steve Jobs would get a red light to warn him of ‘overbooming’, Bill would get a ‘stop being so boring’ light twinkling away to encourage him to turn it on.

Actually they’d be rubbish. I’d just end up with an ‘overuse of word: stuff’ light strobing in my eye all the time.

Top 10 Presentations

Great list of the Top 10 Best Presentations Ever, a pretty tough list to compile and they’ve done a nice job. There’s a few in here that I’ve seen before, and a few that I haven’t.

For Apple geeks of particular note is Steve Jobs launch of the first Mac in 1984, funny to see him presenting in a double breasted suit and bow tie.

As an aside I’m stunned almost daily at how much amazing video content is becoming freely available online. Martin Luthor King’s “I have a dream” speech in full is just one of those things. It’s starting to feel like pretty soon we’ll have access to a complete archive of the most interesting moments in film.

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