BakerTweet Now Live

Mmmm. Doughnuts. | POKE

Some of the excellent geeks at Poke have hacked together / masterfully crafted BakerTweet. It’s a wonderful hardware / software solution for alerting people to the latest oven output from the Albion bakery.

It’s a wireless Arduino thing that can be customised via a web interface to allow for various custom messages to be Twittered at the twist of a dial and the push of a water/flour-proof button.

What’s brilliant is The Albion actually using it. And it actually works.

Albion's Oven (AlbionsOven) on Twitter

Fingers crossed they keep it up and they see a significant rise in flash sales.

If you live or work in the Redchurch Street / Shoreditch High Steet area you can now follow @albionsoven on Twitter and be told when the freshest baked goods have dropped. But you’ll have to be quick I just heard they’ve had a run on buns.

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