10 Reasons Why Digital is Better Than Advertising – Number 7

reason 7 you don't have to work somewhere with 5 old blokes' names above the door (in fact you don't have to work anywhere
picture of old blokes

Actually I’m not sure that working at somewhere called Dream Digital, Stick or RazerBlade, is necessarily any better than having to answer the phone: “Good afternoon, Benson, Christ, Smith-Fellow, Hasbeen and Shagalott”.

But the point is that there are an incredible variety of places that ‘do digital’, you could go and work somewhere that feels a lot like a management consultancy, or you could go and set up a team with someone you’ve never actually met but whose work you respect. If you don’t believe that could work, check out the incredibly awesome Wefail. I know not all advertising agencies are the same, but most of them are hatched from the same kind of egg.