TPS Reports in RTM

I just noticed this in the Remember the Milk task manager in Gmail. The default task is “TPS Report 5pm”. For some reasons TPS reports chimed a bell with me. Then I remembered they’re featured in the legendary film Office Space:

In reality TPS Reports are Test Procedure Specification Reports (apparently). But from the Wikipedia page on TPS Report (Office Space).

…but in the popular context, “TPS” has become a backronym for “Totally Pointless Stuff”, “Total Piece of Shit,” “This Place Sucks”, “Totally Pointless Shit”, “This Project Sucks”, “Time-Pass Stuff”, “The Paper Shredder” or “Toilet Paper Sheets”.

I’m hoping it’s a little ‘in joke’ in the software. Judging by the kind of people that generally love the film Office Space I reckon it is…