Total and Utter Moleskine Helvetica Porn

Moleskine Helvetica Notebooks limited to 500 pieces each. Only available in Asia at a price of $198HK (about 18 quid). I know it’s really wrong to want one. But I kinda do.

If there’s any left you can get them from here:

Actually I have to admit I just bought some. I was really stunned there were any left and figured they’ll make great gifts for type-nerds at some point in the future.

Best Door Closing Mechanism Ever

At Flat White on Berwick Street Soho, London. A nice little coffee shop with a nice way of keeping the door shut.

You probably can’t make it out in the photo above. So here’s a detail shot:

Best Door Closing Mechanism Ever

They use a bunch of cups as a weight that pulls the door closed. It works and it looks nice. Genius.

If you want to go and see it. And drink a nice cup of coffee it’s here:

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The End

No I’m not packing in the blog. I’m just linking to a smashing set of images. This was mentioned in the Guardian before Christmas so has probably been well blogged. But I love this Flickr group of movie end frames. There’s some lovely ones in there.

Shoreditch Free Wi-Fi Campagn – FON

Spotted this sticker this morning near work. On closer inspection is an initiative by Fon to deliver shared Wi-Fi to Shoreditch.

They say:

This is a project to create a Free WiFi area for Shoreditch, so that local businesses and residents can share their WiFi with their neighbours and surf the Internet for free.

To get the ball rolling, FON is giving away free WiFi routers to anyone who has an Internet connection in Shoreditch.

I like it as a grass-rootsy kind of campaign. Be interesting to see how it goes.

Not sure who did it, but as Albion do work for FON, are based in Shoreditch and do good stuff I’m guessing they might be responsible.

Paranoia Posters as A Sign of Impending Doom?

Both spotted today…

Paranoia Posters as A Sign of Impending Doom 2

I’ve got a suspicion that this kind of poster becomes more prevalent once people have bought into global fuckedness.

The Price of Cash

It’s either going up, or down, depending on which way you walk along Western Road in Brighton…

It starts (or ends) at £1.25 for a withdrawal. Then it’s £1.35:

Western Road Cash Machines

Then just a few metres along it’s £1.38! Or perhaps even more confusingly ‘up to £1.38’ (it’s actually just £1.38, I tried).

Western Road Cash Machines

Just goes to show, it pays to shop around.