Cravendale Do a Very Very Good Thing

milk matters

W+K London and Unit9 have made a really brilliant thing. It’s part multi-player interactive game/muckabout. Part UGC. Part video editor…

It follows on from the really nice Cravendale ads that are on TV. You can see them on YouTube here. I’ve always liked them, but this is a rare thing. An online extension that really does extend and build on the creative and allows people to get involved.

It steers clear of lots of the usual traps that people might fall into. And does a lot of things amazingly well:

  • It’s completely intuitive.
  • Rather than starting from a point of deep interaction it gets people involved at a very simple level. Put in your name and start moving about. Easy.
  • Then you can get deeper and deeper into the world (if you fancy it). Get friends in. Edit multiple clips. Etc.
  • The attention to detail is phenomenal.
  • The routes through the different interaction paths are nice.

A piece of work I’m genuinely envious of. Nice one. I’m sure it’ll be picking up the odd award or two…