Hackney vs Nike

Saw this outisde a shop the other day and thought it looked like an interesting story. A bit of Googling later and it turns out that Hackeny council have sued Nike for ripping off their logo.

What a funny old word it is…

Guaridan Unlimited has photos and more on the story: Hackney wins logo case against Nike

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nike plus

Wow. Nike and Apple have unleashed Nike+

By connecting sports shoes and iPods (using a tiny plug-in receiver) they’ve come up with something pretty sci-fi. Your shoes talk to your iPod, then your iPod talks to you, tells you how fast you’re going and all that jazz. Plus some nifty playlist / workout jiggery pokery.

Is it going to get geeks running? Or are we just going to hear a lot of:

“My average speed between my desk and the printer is 3.2mph”