SoundCloud and a Hauntological Birthing Mix


SoundCloud is a pretty nifty music upload / sharing / management tool. I’ve taken my last few mixes and stuck them up there. I think I might shift over my podcast arrangement to pull the tracks from there instead.

I’m on there at:

I don’t think I ever posted this mix on here. I made it during the birth of the twins – literally. I was halfway through making it when Sophie went into labour. I finished it a few weeks later. So I dedicated it to the girls. I’m sure it’s the kind of music that will make them cry in the short term. But maybe when they’re older, like in 2027 when they’re 18, they’ll be able to listen to this and wonder what the fuck I was doing.

I’m not really sure what all this Hauntology thing is about, but I’ve got a feeling that parts of this mix might exist on the fringes of it somewhere… It’s dubsteppy in places and D&Bish in others, with a bit of droney electronica elsewhere. For tracklists and stuff go here.

For Eleanor and Josie – August 2009 by iainmixedit

You can download the MP3 via SoundCloud.

Why do I like SoundCloud?

  • At a basic level it’s free
  • The player is neat and compact
  • The audio quality is pretty good
  • The user experience is great – it’s got more Ajax bells and whistles than almost anything I’ve seen

I particularly like the way that you can add comments to particular bits of tracks, like you can see on this mix below:

From The Loft – Easter 2009 by iainmixedit

It’s also got a lightweight, but useful way of following artists / djs that you like which shows what they’re uploading and so on. I think I like it a lot.

February Mix Now Live

This latest mix was recorded when it was so cold in the loft that my fingers were numb. Hopefully it hasn’t led to it being a crock of crap.

Actually I’m pretty chuffed with how it turned out. It’s quite chugging and if I had to pick another word, perhaps brooding. Deep and dark brain music…


  1. You Don’t Answer (When I Call) – Mr. White
  2. Bergwein – Efdemin
  3. Five Boroughs – Stefan Goldmann
  4. Moment – Damian Lazarus
  5. Appently So – Audiofly X
  6. Early Morning – Skatebard
  7. Aranda (Lawrence Mix) – Egoexpress
  8. Pink Flamingos – My My
  9. Colors – Gui Boratto
  10. Hold On – Holy Ghost!
  11. Sunrise – Yeasayer
  12. Sapphire – Zombi

You can download it through iTunes here. Woo!

If you like any of the tracks most of them can be purchased through Beatport or Boomkat. Both excellent vendors of electronic (and other) music.