How Stuff Dates

I kind of love this track. But it sort of doesn’t seem to make sense any more. And the video has aged really really badly too.

The original (E2:E4 by Manuel Gottsching) has aged much better in my humble opinion. It might be the cheesy breathy spoken vocals, or the use of that late 80s electronic bird like sound that make this sound so ‘of its time’.

Anyone know what that funny bird sound is? What machine does it come out of? Or is it a sample?Where it originated? When it was first used?. Pacific State by 808 State feels like the track that owns it to me. But both Seuno Latino and Pacific came out in 89…? Any music geeks got any ideas? I might make it my mission to make a documentary about that funny noise ;-)

I’ve got my hopes up that Ged will know.