Hot or Not Still Hot

hot or not

I forgot Hot or Not. Well I didn’t forget it as such. Who could forget the hottest site of the early noughties. But at the same time I’d assumed it was pretty much stagnating in Internet history. But according to Techcrunch: HotOrNot Apparently Very Hot: Acquired For $20 Million

Their annual revenue is estimated to be around $5 million, with $2 million in profit. According to Comscore, the site has around 5 million monthly unique visitors and 200 million page views.

So they seem to have flogged it for 20 million dollars.

Go back and have a quick play with it: It really does have some incredibly simple and sticky interaction going for it.

The ‘rate and move on’ one-click interaction is just beautiful – even if all the people on there aren’t.

Just shows the power of a simple, social, well executed idea.