Sony’s RecYou

There’s been mutterings of around for a few days.

It’s a very slick Japanese flash site for Sony Walkman. It’s quite hard to navigate your way through it, I managed by trial and error rather than a knowledge of Japanese. Basically you can upload a photo and it animates you in time with music. Your animated head can then be used / displayed in various ways.

Here’s my RecYou head:

My RecYou Head from iaintait on Vimeo.

Scary huh?!?

It was made from this photo (just this one photo, no other information at all – that’s the amazing bit):

my photo

Pretty damn impressive technology and the site’s got some very slick presentation. I can’t really comment on whether I think it works from a communications perspective because of the language and culture gap. Here’s a video showing what they’re doing in terms of guerrilla projections.

That music really does my head in though…

My suspicion is that it’ll win a few awards for it’s craft and technical wowness.