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Confession: This is a plug for a friend’s business. I’ve signed up because I think it will be good (with my own real money) so there’s no kickbacks going on

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Ben and his friend Tom have set up a music subscription service. But it’s not a digital thing. It’s a real music thing. A CDs and records thing.

It’s a simple idea, you let them know what music you like and they’ll send you things that they think you’ll be into every month. You choose the number of albums you want.

Then every month some choice new tunes will drop through your letterbox. And if you really don’t like something you can send it back the next month (freepost!).

Normally I’d be a bit skeptical about this. How good will their recommendations be? Won’t it just be standard fodder? Won’t theyl just be firing out stuff that labels have given them for free? But in this case I know for a fact that the guys behind it really know their musical onions. And they’ll stretch my musical mind in interesting ways. And they’re good guys.
There’s something quite exciting about real people editing music for you personally. I’m looking forward to my first box. I’ll let you know how it goes…