MyHeritage – Face Recognition

For quite a while now MyHeritage have been offering a ‘see who your celeb lookalikes are’ applicaiton online. I’d always ignored it (too much effort finding a photo and stuff, plus you have to register) until someone at work sent it round with a picture of them and their lookalike. Which spawned an avalanche of emails of almost everyone at work trying it out.

It’s been a while since I’ve witnessed a real workplace viral phenomenon. What’s really interesting though, is that most of us in the office have seen the link before, and it was only because someone mailed round their results that it took off. There’s something to learn from that, somewhere…

Shame the lookalikes are mostly a bit rubbish though (I’m oddly honoured to have Emma Watson in mine): And I still struggle a little to understand how the face regonition thing ties in with their core-business which is online genealogy.