Boyfriend Behaving Badly

modern manI’m finding it harder than I’d thought to gather together posts on Modern Man. But yesterday whilst reading the paper a gem just dropped in my lap, not unlike an advert for car insurance.

I found this article from the Times depressing and hilarious in equal measures. In the same way as I hate and love the guy who wrote it in equal measures.

It’s basically about his refusal to act like a sensitive modern man. The fact that he’s going to say and do what he likes, and not feel the pressure to constantly show the ‘right’ emotion. It ends up reading like a catalogue of vile behaviour towards his ex-girlfriends, but I somehow couldn’t help but warm to him.
I think it was the slightly fragile nature of his conclusion that made it all OK:

But why should I change? I am not unhappy. I’m just numb, indecisive and apathetic, like many males of my generation. Could it be that I am one of the few honest ones left?