Mini – Learn in Your Lunchbreak

mini lunchbreak

I love this a lot.

Mini are putting on a bunch of lunchbreak experiences. Where you can learn something new in a lunchtime.

learn bruce lee

The list of things that are up there at the moment are:

  • Bruce Lee for beginners
  • Beat a lie detector
  • Be a spy
  • Deal with meeting your partner’s parents for the first time
  • Man/Woman school – the things your parents should have taught you
  • Talking your way into a will

And my personal favourite – Learn to Moonwalk! Which I think is on tomorrow, but details are being kept quiet. I read in a magazine that the session is being run by MJ’s choreographer. I’m going to do my damndest to get a place, I’ve always wanted to master the art of the moonwalk. Hell I’ll even buy a Mini if they can guarantee me ultimate skills.

Anyone know who did this? It’s great! I’d like to shake them by the hand.