Fleshmap – Body Parts in Music

This site’s got some brilliant visualisations of how often various body parts are mentioned in different genres of music.

Fleshmap: Listen: Music

Once you’re there you can drill down into the various genres and see what’s occurring.

Fleshmap: Listen: Hip Hop
Fleshmap: Listen: Electronica

Which is nice. But the best bit is that there’s a great feature where you can create a Rebus by copying and pasting bits of text into the box and the application pulls out the mentions of body parts and turns them into graphics.

I thought I’d give it a go, so I turned to one of my favourite artists – Craig David. And used his lyrics to create a couple of rebuses for myself. You can see the diversity of emotions that Craig deals with in his songs below.

From the romantic ‘face based’ soulful R&B of Rendezvous:

Fleshmap: Listen: Interactive Body Rebus

To the much more posterior focused “Booty Man”:

Fleshmap: Listen: Interactive Body Rebus

Simple but effective.