Horrible Misguided Integrated Campaign

Ask Campaign

Basically this site: http://www.information-revolution.org and it’s associated advertising try to position this organisation as a sort of free choice organisation campaigning against the dominance of Google. But it’s a campaign for Ask.

It’s truly terrible. A massive trainwreck of the highest order. I could write pages and pages of bitching, but I’m not going to. Just visit the site anlook at the comments (if they’ve not been taken down). Some of my favourites:

Viva la Choice!
I’ll choose anything but Ask!

You people at Ask need to re-think whose gonna run your media campaigns. I bet you’re all thinking “yeah but we got you on our site and engaged in discussion”…Keep trying… over the next 5 years i’m sure you might be able to gain some of the market share you are currently throwing down the toilet with this sham!!

Spend more money in making your search engine work properly and sack all those media muppets that came up with this information revolution idea.

And this I really love:

Shouldn’t your ad campaign appear at least 1X on your own search engine especially since it appears several times on Google.

That’s what happens when you hi-jack an insight (or in this case a genuine human concern) and trick people into coming to your site. Strangely they don’t like it. Fair play to them for leaving the comments open, but I bet they were wishing they hadn’t.

And they’ve spent shedloads on media both on and offline. And they’ve built a blog inside an i-frame, muppets ;-)