Four Tet and Strings of Life


So this is happening:

Four Tet and Steve Reid dropping a live cover of pretty much my favorite track of all time. And it has a cool hand-printed sleeve. Looks like there’s only 525 copies though.

Being as the Twitter butler has opened the Strings of Life door for me…

I recently came across this ace version with the Macedonian Philharmonic Orchestra. Mostly these kinds of renditions are pretty tosh, but this is proper decent:

And there’s this amazing video of a super-early live performance of the track from the Town & Country back in 1989:

And I’ve always enjoyed this video of Derrick May talking about the making of the track (along with some dudes from Manchester talking about how influential the track is/was):

If you’ve got any other favorite Strings of Life videos / stories / whatever feel free to share…

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