Playstation ‘Dealer’ Roach Ad

I was tidying up and I came across this.

Sometime in the early 90s Sony put out this advertisement printed on perforated card. It appears to show a shady dealer offering up a Playstation controller. Upon further investigation it turns out that the size of the cardboard perforations is perfect for constructing makeshift filters for what Cannabis smokers would call ‘joints’.

What were they thinking?!?

Note that my copy of the ad is completely unripped.

5 thoughts on “Playstation ‘Dealer’ Roach Ad”

  1. I think it’s genius, at the Hospital Record’s Hospitality shows the MC’s still joke about growing up smoking and playing Street Fighter, in the right spaces it must have been a great ad

  2. It was very of its time. I remember the fanzine Herb Garden ran it as an ad and had also run a number of other brand roach cards in a similar way.

  3. I seem to remember back in ’98-’99 a London-based design agency doing the same with their business cards. The justification for it was that those ‘in the know’ appreciated it, where as any potential clients who disapproved either wouldn’t get the significance or weren’t the sort of people they wanted to work with anyway.

  4. Ged – that must be where I got it from! I’ve still got a few old Herb Gardens knocking around in my loft in the UK.

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