A little more on why I like UTweet

There's a few people on Twitter saying the UTweet thing is a bit underwhelming. And perhaps it is for some of you. For sure it's not going to change the world. 

But I'm looking at it as the digital equivalent of a double page ad in a magazine. It's got some nice shots of cool young people wearing t-shirts. But it has something playful and a little bit fun. If you were a brand like Uniqlo would you be better spending your cash on a photographer and a bunch of space in magazines. Or doing something like this?

Not everything has to be big and complicated to be good.

2 thoughts on “A little more on why I like UTweet”

  1. Beautiful point. In fact, uncomplicated is the Uniqlo mantra. Youth brands are excellent at portraying the world through a different lens — and, well, that's UT. Technological art will be a growing trend among these babes. They ask: How does language and information shape our perspective…or our portrayal… of the world?

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