What’s that tennis ball doing on that ad? I’m confused. Oh, I see what you’ve done…

I can't decide if I love this. I think I might. On the surface it's a bit shit. But lets face it Confused.com is a bit shit too. I think I love the fact that comparison websites have started fucking with our minds to become memorable – this and the meerkat both tap into odd psychological things.

11 thoughts on “What’s that tennis ball doing on that ad? I’m confused. Oh, I see what you’ve done…”

  1. weeeeellll, CDP did it so much better in the 70s with the B&H work. Don't think this is good advertising tho. It says nothing, it offers nothing. It is just publicity with no great thought and so likely to be inefficient. For most life is too busy to work it out or bother to find out if the answer to the question “what are you selling” is missing…..

  2. I don't think the tennis ball is anything to do with confusing you. I think it's a call back to the tv. There is a guitar, jeans and tennis poster which each match to a corresponding tvc. Or maybe I've over simplified it and they are so clever it passed me by.

  3. I think the concept is you could pay for tennis lessons, guitar lessons etc with the money you saved. It's linked to the TVC. Doesn't work though.

  4. To produce a poster that relies on you having seen a TV commercial is a dumb idea bought buy a gullible client.

  5. at first i thought that the shadow casted by the metal beams above was a clever play on the logo. I was properly confused.

  6. This is what happens when the tv idea doesn't work in print. You just bung something from the tv ad in and say it's all connected, consumers think like that. Then you take the money and say thank you very much, pleasure doing business.

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