Another Contender for Most Useless Ad Ever?

@twhume mentioned this ad in a comment on my blog – strangely enough I just happened to have taken a photo of that one too :-) You can tell its my photo by the shocking quality. In case you can’t read it, it says:

Advertisers can now send files to your mobile phone for free, via Bluetooth – [hooray!]
Ensure your Bluetooth is discoverable
Wait to be discovered
Accept (or reject the file)

I’m not sure it’s strictly useless, it does have an educational role to play. But it is a total hunk of shit.

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2 thoughts on “Another Contender for Most Useless Ad Ever?”

  1. I disagree, the ad has two points:

    1) To reduce the send to download dropoff currently seen across outdoor based bluetooth prompting by making consumers aware that the messaging is coming from a reputable source.

    and more saliently

    2) To fill the space that Titan can’t sell with something of use.

    It may seem pointless but the only other option is to package it as added value or to not fill it at all

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