A Modern Mystery of the Internet

Why has Guru Josh Project – Infinity 2008 (Official Video – Klaas Vocal Edit) got nearly 67 million views on YouTube? Is there a global love for sax-trance no one told me about? Is JoshRolling the new RickRolling? Anyone have any ideas how and why this has happened? In my own small way I know I’m making it worse, but I’m pretty sure the traffic hasn’t come purely from idiots like me asking why it’s got a load of views.

Update: After some speculation in the comments by Emil that it’s the the fault of the Germans I remembered that you can (of course) click to look at the stats of YouTube videos and yes…

YouTube - Guru Josh Project - Infinity 2008 (Official Video - Klaas Vocal Edit)

Turns out it is partly the Germans’ fault. This video is THE MOST FAVOURITED OF ALL TIME in Germany. And the 11th ‘most favourited’ music video of all time globally.

And furthermore, according to Wikipedia:

In 2008, “Infinity” was re-released as “Infinity 2008”, which was remixed by the German DJ Klaas. It experienced widespread success, peaking at #1 on the Belgian, Dutch and French Singles Charts, Danish Singles Chart, Czech Airplay Chart and the Eurochart Hot 100.[4]

So it’s not just the Germans’ fault. It was a monster all across Europe – and in fact it only made it to number 4 in the German charts. I’m still not sure it answers my question about why it’s had so many views on YouTube (especially from Germany)? Any Germans out there shed any light on this? Was it the theme music for a Bavarian sitcom? Was it used on the German Match of the Day? Or do Germans particularly like videos featuring lacy pants and 2008 remixes of sax-solo-cheesy-rave numbers?

I demand to know!

17 thoughts on “A Modern Mystery of the Internet”

  1. I’d guess that it’s got something to do with that sledge hammer, or the thing holding it anyway. But still, that shouldn’t warrant that much popularity so it must have a certain X factor that you and I cannot see or hear.

  2. I did think that a shot of ladypants in the still might have helped – but still do lady pants has 67m view pulling power. If they do I’m investing in lingerie.

  3. Agree with Tom, it has to do with hammer. Unless it is due to the power and depth of the lyrics… Their philosophical reach is universal.

  4. As with most things in modern history, I think you can blame it on Germans.

  5. My grandma was german, so I’m not sure I’m happy to blame them for everything, but it does appear that they are mostly responsible for millions of views of this track.

  6. Definitely the lady. I know because I muted the crappy euro-trance.

  7. Credit where credit is due, the record company knew their market. Ready lady pants, its not the pants themselves its the way they are worn. Those were worn particularly well.

  8. Oh god yea, this was big! It’s still played in the clubs A LOT. To answer your question: the video’s popularity might be due to that semi naked German playmate.

    Damn. Now I’ve got this tune stuck in my head. Thanks Iain :P

  9. It’s all coming back to me now. I was in Switzerland (the French bit) this summer and the only channel I could get on the telly was a German-speaking music channel that dealt exclusively in euro-beat-synth’n’sax-nonsense of this type, played endlessly on a loop. Honestly, it made you want to go and look at mountains and meadows and stuff. Anyway, “Infinity” featured heavily – surely an indication that the Swiss are ready to become more culturally integrated with the rest of Europe.

  10. I’m no building expert but either way she’s not wearing a safety mask, or hard hat, which is highly dangerous in demolishing a wall. She should also have structural beams supporting the ceiling. I know a guy, who knows a guy, who’s friends with a guy, that can have her builders licence revoked and we can all rest assured that we don’t have to fear pirate tradeswomen again.

    No need to thank me. Just pay it forward.

  11. Weird….
    Germans and Belgians are well known in Europe to share a special taste for “eurodance”

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