Free Gift in 2009 WTF?

Aviva sent me this bit of junk mail yesterday. I was transfixed by the free gift. Look at it.

It’s a machine to store telephone numbers and appointments. It’s got an amazing (crystal clear) 3 line LCD display. It has a non-querty keybord PLUS a numeric keypad. My mind is all aboggle with what the FREE GIFT I’d get as a bonus mystery gift if I added partner cover.

Obviously I’m now insured with Aviva.

3 thoughts on “Free Gift in 2009 WTF?”

  1. Amazing.. Imagine having all those features built into one device! With this piece of kit, I would never need to carry around my diary, phone book and alarm clock again. It would be great if it could make phone calls too, but let’s not get crazy.

    Loving the blog :)

  2. i was just thinking yesterday how useful it would be to have two telephone directories with me.

    i feel like a total plonker with just one.

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