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Talk Talk Digital Anthropology

You can argue all you want about the contents and the style of the report. But the fact that Talk Talk have decided to open up their Digital Anthropology research to all of us scumbags proves that they fundamentally get something…

TalkTalk’s Digital Anthropology Report studied how British people use the internet and found that there are six distinct ‘tribes’ of internet user in the UK. This video introduces you to the tribes from the report, the Digital Extroverts, Social Secretaries, Web Boomers. The full report can be found at:

You can download a PDF of the report here.

The ‘which tribe are you’ quiz is a bit throwaway, but I guess it does its job. No surprises but I was a ‘Digital Extrovert’ – hey everyone look at my digital things!

7 thoughts on “Talk Talk Love The Web”

  1. I took the test, I’m a Digital Extrovert too! Now, let’s go and beat up those Timid Technophobes types.

    This is really good free stuff, as well as some mighty tasty Power Point fodder. Well done University of Kent, and good on Talk Talk for sharing.

  2. Not scoring this with “It’s My Life” or at least, “Living In Another World,” seems like such a wasted opportunity for them.

  3. I was really hoping this was going to be a bit more insightful, but was pretty underwhelmed by the conclusions drawn, to be honest. It’s good that they’ve opened this stuff up, but no good if it’s not very in-depth. Maybe they kept the best stuff to themselves.

    And the design is eye-bleedingly awful.

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