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As part of the wonderful stupor of being a new dad I’ve ended up watching too much daytime TV. And as a result seeing too many daytime TV ads.

I have learned much.

National Geographic have whored themselves out to co-brand some air fresheners. Bloody disgraceful.

There’s this horrific BUY ONE GET ONE FREE advert for windows – I can’t find the actual ad online. But Safestyle UK does have a bunch of promotional videos on their YouTube channel. And you can glimpse the ad at the start and end of this clip. It’s real brain-rape stuff that would shake you out of your deepest pastel-coloured ‘This Morning’ haze.

The fact that this company has a YouTube channel and a blog and all that stuff makes me feel really queer inside.

Here’s another ad that makes me feel like renouncing everything I believed in. It makes me want to tell everyone that integrated campaigns are a product of a sick and twisted satanic messenger.

I’m just bursting with a whole bunch of confessions about bread. What on earth are they expecting? If you’re dying to let your sandwich secrets out, head to Actually, you know that bit in American Pie, how about a ‘British Butty’ remake?

Oh and there’s a Dettol ad that makes you believe that you ought to spray every surface in your house with chemicals or you and your children will die of flu within 48 hours. Thankfully that doesn’t seem to exist on the Internet.

Strangely I was rescued by a McDonald’s ad. Jesus, things must be low, or I’ve tired myself into full-scale brain damage. Seriously though, I actually really like these ads. I love the fact they’ve got proper writing in them. The voiceover is nice. The music works. The observations are sweet. And it feels appropriate, yet different enough.

And thankfully I don’t have to visit the ‘passing-by-o-matic’ to upload my buttocks onto a McDonald’s chair and become poem-a-lized.

11 thoughts on “Daytime TV Advertising”

  1. It would be funny and fitting if gets entirely more confessions than they expected, from people claiming to have found sexual uses for their soft, white bread. Imagine that ad campaign from that.

  2. I saw the McDonalds ad for the first time on Saturday night and I was mesmerised. I don’t think I have seen an ad where the copywriter has had that much to do in a long time. I just wish it hadn’t been written for them…

    The Kingsmill ad is a horrific embarrassment and the digital strategy even more so: another example of where an ad agency has just totally missed the point of digital and have grabbed at straws to tick that ‘consumer engagement’ box. (Isn’t it a bit embarrassing that most of the videos on the homepage of the confessions site has been rated 1 star?)

  3. maybe you could start a website aimed at mums for their hated moments at home for day time TV… build it up and then sell it to one of the brands mentioned as a communications channel … slash ‘daily insights’ panel

  4. I noticed that National Geographic ad, and was also completely appalled. It’s not as if air fresheners were good for the planet.

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