Where The Wild Things Are and Pissy Pants

Latest trailer for Where the Wild Things Are is out. I quite want to see it.

I’ve no idea why I’m sharing this. Perhaps because it’s Friday. Or perhaps because I have to confront my demons in order to move on with my life. But when I was 5 years old I played Max in our primary school version of Where The Wild Things Are. I had to wear green woolly tights, under shorts. I’d never worn tights before. I didn’t know how they worked. As a result I wet myself. I cried.

That is all.

7 thoughts on “Where The Wild Things Are and Pissy Pants”

  1. As his doting mum, I have no memory of the unfortunate incident with the green woolly tights (yuch) but I do remember that he was truly great in the part. No bias at all.

  2. Hi Ian, assisted to your conference in IED Madrid, neat ideas :)
    Did u know it is being remade because it hurt some childs feelings?
    Wish adults could have child films too…..

  3. So much better than the last trailer they released. And it’s good to see they learnt from your mishap and ditched wooly tights for the safer, more boy-friendly romper suit option

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