Reasons the Internet is Brilliant #2B

Here’s a reason, right here: It’s a website about pencils. I like pencils. Actually I kind of love pencils in a strange sort of a way. But this guy loves pencils more. More than me. More than everyone I know.


The two design pencils write quite nicely (much better than the High Grade), while the Triple Grip unfortunately is just average. I would say the 8815 stands out as another rare example of a high quality round pencil.

I thank him for sharing his love. And I thank the Internet for making his love of pencils a global thing. And I thank the always inspiring Ace Jet 170 – a blog we should all look at as much as we possibly can.

7 thoughts on “Reasons the Internet is Brilliant #2B”

  1. I am now convinced that you are infact a complete and utter design geek whose bordering on wanting to be a typographer. Which is a good thing, obviously.

    My first recollection of typography was aged 5, and it was thanks to a Staedler HB pencil. I remember very clearly writing the word ‘off’ and the soft edge just caught the hard edge on both the f’s and I sat back admiring how even they both looked.

    Since then I have *upgraded* to a Staedler Mars Micro 0.5mm and I never leave home without it. Well almost never.

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