A Plea For Help


I’m in Cannes. Sitting in the belly of the advertising beast. There are some great people here. And some terrible people too. There’s some great stuff going on, and some horrific things too.

Anyway I’m doing a workshop tomorrow between 2 and 4 about the power of small, simple, single-minded ideas online. I think it might be nice. I’m looking forward to it.


Here’s the details – written by the Poke NY guys so it’s a bit yankee-y if you know what I mean ;-)


But I have a problem. Everyone else who’s doing a workshop seems to have posters, busty girls giving out leaflets and all that jazz. I’m in the program. That’s it. So dear readers I’m asking for a massive favour. If you know anyone in Cannes, or you know anyone who knows anyone who’s in Canees. Can you tell them about my little workshop. It’s only small, and simple. But it might be kinda fun.

And I seriously have a such a special guest that it’s untrue. For real. My special guest is so super-awesome everyone will be totally blown away. I also have the super-smart Brian Morrisey from Adweek helping out.

Please tweet it, email it, blog it, send out smoke signals, whatever. I’d love my little workshop to be full without resorting to promo-chicks and cheap tricks – unless this is considered a cheap trick ;-)

Or, alternatively, Newscorp are talking at the same time.

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