CinemaScope at BoxBird Gallery

Selection of Prints

I went to the lovely Boxbird Gallery and Studio in Hove on Sunday. They’ve got an amazing exhibition of lovely prints inspired by films. The exhibition is called CinemaScope and is well worth a visit. I think it’s only on for a few more days though.

They say:

The CinemaScope exhibition at Boxbird will showcase over 35 emerging and established illustrators and printmakers including ‘Lost Consonants’ creator Graham Rawle, celebrated illustrator Jon Burgerman, the ‘Modern Toss’ team and members of the critically acclaimed ‘Peepshow Illustration Collective’.

All the artworks will be inspired by 100 years of international cinema, with prints based on a massive variety of films including Shogun Assassin, The Goonies, A Fist Full of Dollars, Les Demoiselles De Rochefort and of course Star Wars.

Even when it’s over you can buy prints from their online shop though! Huzzah!

Here’s some of my favourites…

I'm Spartacus

That's no moon

Dawn of the Dead

Taxi Driver

There’s loads of others in different styles and they’re not silly prices. Nice things for the film lover in your life…

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