Adverts Restored My Faith in The Internet


I’ve been a bit down on the internet since I got back from holiday. It’s been as if someone deleted all the good stuff ;-)

Then I accidentally stumbled on this site through a Google image search. It’s one of those sites that’s just bloody fantastic. It’s got archives of adverts, magazines, packaging and loads more beginning at 1900. If you’ve been touched by Mad Men it’s a great spot to check out some of the real deal from that era too.

Visit the Ad Art Gallery

There’s 15,000 magazine covers, 10,000 movie posters, 8,000 transport ads, 4,000 soda ads, 3,000 beer ads and countless other gems.

Just a snapshot of the random brilliance…

Re: 20080711132038815

An absolutely amazing resource for designers, advertisng folk, and anyone with an interest in things – check it out.

2 thoughts on “Adverts Restored My Faith in The Internet”

  1. Great find! You’ve just cost me a friday afternoon :)

    I’m loving the USB lamp… that’s well ahead of the curve

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