I Put A Donk On It

I spent my Sunday afternoon making this. Sophie said “why?”.

I was really just using it as an excuse to learn a bit about how iMovie 09 works. And as soon as I stumbled across the beat matching feature I knew I had to do this.

16 thoughts on “I Put A Donk On It”

  1. Ignore Sophie. This is exactly what you should be doing with your Sunday. Wonderful.

    There’s a big Country song by Brooks And Dunn called Put A Girl In It http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u28HCXeA3nA.

    Sample lyric:
    “You can write you a country song
    The DJ wont put it on
    They wont dance or sing along
    Til you put a girl in it”

    Can you put a donk in that?

  2. Oli – I might do a cutdown version.
    But I wanted to get the whole joyous track in there.

  3. Oh no! My ‘why?’ has been taken out of context!

    I am very much a supporter of Iain’s Sunday afternoon antics.

    I just wondered what had inspired him to such greatness.

  4. Must be a relief to finally get all your home videos into one clip as well, ho ho…

  5. Is this a non donk remix?

    There’s certainly a verbal donk, but maybe no actual donk. Discuss.

  6. Ok.. so I’ve made a horribly Twitter related Donk remix…

    ‘I Donk I Saw a Puddy Cat’

    It’s, actually, brilliant

  7. Line dancing always made me feel really sick. Like spew sick.

    And I’m country.

    I made it through 1.36 seconds and I liked it a bit. tcx

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