Mashup Proves That Bestselling Music of 2008 Was Shit

DJ Earworm has put together this mashup of the top 25 Billboard Chart tracks of 2008. It’s technically very accomplished. But it left me feeling full of regret and despair. It shows how mainstream bestselling music is a pile of generic piss-wailing R&B toss.

If you’re some kind of sick fuck you can download the audio from DJ Earworm’s page.

Some of his other mashups are pretty hot. It took me right back to awesome, sweaty, drunken nights at Bastard at The Asylum.


That strange moment in time when mashups felt like they were vitally important. And perhaps they were. Or maybe they still are?!?

For me I think it was just a phase where it seemed like brilliant anarchistic fun. A point in time where home music technology and a kind of cut and paste aesthetic found each other. These days I get tired of bootlegs very very quickly. Once I’ve heard the ‘gag’ – how the two things crash together I’m bored. Even really deconstructed stuff like Girl Talk I find a little dull.

I do quite like Sonny J though – and his stuff is kind of mash-upy, but in a more kind of samply Avalanches kind of way.

Maybe as a ‘treat’ for y’all I’ll try and dig out my Prince / Kraftwerk mashup when I get the chance ;-)

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