Soma Subscriptions


I’ve been a fan of Soma Records for a long old time now. They’ve been doing quality deep techno-y house out of Glasgow for years. But I only found the Soma MP3 subscription service yesterday. Here’s the details…

A brand new subscription is now available with additional features and no fixed expiry date. With the subscription you now get:

  • Your choice of any 10 tracks from the available back catalogue – buy from one release or pick ‘n’ mix.
  • Every available new release for 6 months from signup in either MP3 or CD quality FLAC formats
  • Personalised podcast so you receive new releases as soon as they are available
  • Download high-res artwork

The MP3 subscription costs £18.99, less than the price of 2 CDs

I signed up yesterday and got my first EP this morning. I think it’s quite a nice way of getting music. And you feel like you’re connected directly to people who give a shit about the product. It’s not for everyone or everything, but it works for me and Soma.

The site could do with a bit of work though. It’s pretty tricky to do some stuff that should be easy.

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