I Heart Flight of the Conchords A Lot

Flight of the Conchords

I know lots of people know about The Flight of the Conchords, and I know that it’s not new. But there are a few people who’ve either not heard of it, or for some reason resisted. This post is for you.

I’m loving it so much I feel the need to evangelise…

For me FOC takes the slow, dark, slightly depressing humour of The Office, and manages to fuse it with the surreal nutsness of The Mighty Boosh in a spectacularly funny way. And the characters all possess those fundamental human flaws and quirks that we can all relate to, but it’s done a bit more subtly and less painfully than something like Peep Show.

And the songs. I’m not normally a funny song kind of person. But I love the way these guys burst into song with a totally unexpected genre and mutate it into something that’s laugh out loud funny.

Hip hop gets lampooned quite a lot, but this is so superior to most efforts. Hiphopopotamus vs. Rhymenoceros:

And Inner City Pressure bears more than a passing resemblance to someone…

And the songs / sketches make perfect YouTube fodder. Their clips have millions and millions of views which can’t hurt in terms of creating buzz and awareness.

And their websites are funny too.

Copy like this is just good:

The Conchords will be playing there. Here for details. Performance times TBA (that stands for ‘to be arranged’ but it just saves time to write ‘TBA’).

10 thoughts on “I Heart Flight of the Conchords A Lot”

  1. they have some cool free podcasts on itunes as well. Check out ‘ ladies of the world’ videoclip its hilarious

    Jermane was also in a Kiwi movie called Eagle vs Sharks…. its indifferent. Hilarious in bits

    You cant beat Jermaine’s ripp off of David Bowie either

  2. Nice new look. Have you head/seen “if that’s what your into.” My all time favorite FOTC moment.

  3. Please don’t stop posting these updates of what’s currently funny in the rest of the world even if everyone you know knows of them. Here at the outposts of the Humourless Desert I’m always in need of knowing where to go and find something funny online.

  4. Surprisingly perhaps….if you want to stay ahead of the pack on the humour front
    try BBC Radio………I know?
    FOTC with Rob Brydon had a show in 2005…same material as now actually.
    Also radio 4 had a gutbustingly hilarious sports spoof series and they used an actual sports commentator form The Today programme which tripled the enjoyment..You might find is somewhere on playback thingy

  5. best episode has to be the one with the racist fruitseller who won’t sell to them as they are from NZ…
    comic genius!

  6. I am flight of the conchords biggest fan and i am only 12 I LOVE BRET AND JEMAINE 2 DEATH.Thay are all i talk about cuz i have no other intrestes

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