Nice Music Player / Widget / Affiliate Scheme

I like this a lot.

If you’re browsing music on you can choose to share the stuff you’re listening to (or buying, or thinking of buying). Which then creates a really nice player / widget that you can embed.

A few things that I really like:

  1. The whole setup process is incredibly simple, quick and easy.
  2. The ‘needle drop’ function that lets you check out different bits of the track is very quick and also lets you visually see where the drops and things are so you can quickly get a sense of the dynamics of the track (a few other sites have got similar things to this – but I really like this implementation).
  3. if you were so inclined you can use this as a way of making money through affiliate deals. Note: I haven’t set this up (yet) so you can buy any of these tracks without lining my pockets ;-)

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