A New Summer Mix – This One’s A Bit of A Banger

Iain Mixed It

I’m going to stop putting my music mixes directly on Crackunit. For a few reasons. Paranoia being one. DJ mixes have always been a grey area in terms of licensing, etc. So I’m just going to tidy them over to somewhere else, just to be on the safe side. I’d hate my blog to get compromised in some way because of sharing my musical stuff. I have good reason to be paranoid about this stuff – maybe I’ll share the story another time.

I’ll still ‘point to’ mixes from here. But they’re now on a totally separate site.

If you want to listen to or download my latest mix (or just look at the tracklist) you can head over to: http://iainmixedit.tumblr.com/

It’s perhaps a bit more ‘upfront’ than some of the stuff I normally play. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing…

3 thoughts on “A New Summer Mix – This One’s A Bit of A Banger”

  1. Thats Kidda tune is soooooooo good. It takes a lot to get my fiancée off the sofa busting moves but that tune did the trick!

  2. Nice

    I like how it lulls you into a false sense of security… then gets quite dark about 15min in

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