I’m Doing Christmas and It’s Doing Me In

The Christmas briefs are in…


People moaning about Christmas decorations in the shops in October can shut right up. I’m going to be fed up with the whole thing before Argos even puts Slade on rotation.

I’m working on two of them at the moment and thinking that it might be time to do a ‘7 Deadly Sins Of Digital Christmas’. There’s plenty of them around.

The only thing that’s going to get me through is the Beat Street Christmas Rap. You can’t beat the bit where Doug E Fresh pops out from between Santa’s legs. Awesome. (The Xmas bit doesn’t start until 1m30).

7 thoughts on “I’m Doing Christmas and It’s Doing Me In”

  1. ‘You better eat your eggs before I break your legs! See, now you know where your gallant talent comes from…’

  2. got one today as well. let’s get down oxford street and turn the lights on!

  3. christmas briefs are in here too.

    fuck santa. fuck holly. fuck wrapping paper. fuck trees.

    why does everything at christmas have to be so fucking, well, CHRISTMAS

  4. I used to be a planner on 3 retail accounts – one of them being the beast that was Sainsbury’s. It was alway bloody Xmas during the 3.5 years I worked on that account – we’d start planning Xmas in about April/May then Nov-Dec we were usually rejigging everything on the fly as the retail battle would hot up (at one point we actually had to tell the client we couldn’t physically buy any more TV and the contractors had refused their money!), then we’d be reviewing Xmas, then we had a month off for Easter and we were planning Xmas again…..

    I even went to an event at the Good Housekeeping Institute where we were served mulled wine and mince pies. On the hottest day of the year. In July.

    Merry Xmas!

  5. I love that sound, but my god is it lumpy music to dance to. All those sequencers that could only quantize to 8th notes…

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