Nike 1948 Popup Store in London

Edit: Popup store has popped-down.This store now appears to be closed. So don’t make a special trip to see it.

If you’re in the Shoreditch area there’s a nice temporary pop-up Nike store just opposite Market Sports on Bateman’s Row.

It’s open:

Nike 1948 Popup Store in London

There’s a big concrete AirMax shoe outside:

Nike 1948 Popup Store in London

And inside there’s limited edition shoes and clothes made by Nike all in a swanky sport-themed interior. It’s a pretty nice thing.

Nike 1948 Popup Store in London

It’s here, in case you want directions…

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17 thoughts on “Nike 1948 Popup Store in London”

  1. Lets hope they don’t block that pop-up, that’s a very handy location opposite Market Sports.

  2. There is a popup store in Berlin as well. Thoughtfully and paying tribute to history it’s not called “1936” but “0808”. I wonder if you can find these Popup stores in every city that hold the Olympic Games so far. Would be a great concept.

  3. a nike embassy makes me feel ill.

    anyone checked out the branded adidas playgrounds in mile-end? brand indoctrination from the age of 4+

  4. I have been to this place three times and every time, It was closed.

  5. Sorry Dee I think it’s closed now – or it might be open at weekends. But it’s certainly not open full time anymore. Hope you didn’t make a special trip…

  6. Yes I think closed too – just been passed it. Would be useful if Nike said it was closed.

  7. gutted it my be popped down. Realy looked exciting. If anyone knows the crack let me know need 2 supply my trainer mad husband .

  8. its open, i went there today.. lots of nike parra clothing

  9. 1948 is still open, it opens Thursday – Sunday only

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