Unknown Track – Unknown Artist

My iTunes just served me up a track called unknown by unknown. Lord knows how that got there ;-)

Trouble is, I really really like it. And it sounds like it could be from today, or it could be from any time in the last 25 years. It’s a kind of big spacey synthy disco number. I can’t help but think of Morgan Geist, Daniel Wang, Moroder and Metro Area. But I’ve got absolutely no idea where to start. I tried Shazam, but no joy.

This is my attempt to invoke the hive mind of muso-trainspotters. Come on then. What is it…?

11 thoughts on “Unknown Track – Unknown Artist”

  1. sorry iain, dunno who the track is, but i had one of those instrumental unknown/unknowns a while back. months later i found out who it was [the stranglers] and i can’t tell you how satisfying that was! i really hope you get a match on this one… just for that feeling of “yeah!”

  2. It sounds new, and it sounds like it’s form scandinavia. I’ve sent it to someone who specialises in both of these things – they should know.

  3. Your divshare movie isn’t showing. I’m get “movie not loaded” when I right click on it.

  4. you have to post when you figure out what it is…it’s ace. maybe something from the deviant disco/narcotic house weeks on 14tracks.com?

  5. It’s definitely not ‘Sunday Bloody Sunday’ by U2. Hope that helps.

  6. Awesome track. No idea what it is though. This isn’t some kind of crafty marketing ploy where you’ve actually written the track, you get the whole world trying to work it out, and then you go ‘ ha ha, it was me all along’ and everyone lives happily ever after?

  7. Dude, Its by chicken lips. Listen to ‘3 soaps in 1’. Well similar!

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