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There’s been some really good comments about the Orange Balloon Race. Including a couple of people mentioning some issues with explanations and UI on the site. We’ve made a bunch of improvements and hopefully iit’s getting better all the time…

It’s great to see the balloon widget working so nicely (see below). Thanks to the Gigya widget platform you can get support for your balloon on loads of different types of sites.

When the site goes live this widget will show your progress – where you are in the race – and allow friends to give you a boost. All good stuff.

It’s all getting really exciting. I can’t wait for the main thing to go live. In testing it’s all looking pretty spiffy. I hope people like it…

10 thoughts on “More Balloonacy”

  1. I still think this is excellent, but it feels like a hell of a wait – and thus a bit of a big ask to stay interested.

    Is there any activity which happens in the meantime to keep me involved?

  2. Yes, actually I had a little issue just earlier, though I managed to sort it out.

    I’d called my first camel “BigTongue” and it said that was rejected (had written that quite innocently, though…) but I couldn’t see a way to change the name of the balloon or correct the encouragement text (It had a typo).

    It worked out fine to start over with a new balloon – Socrates is much wiser, I’m sure he’ll go far! Can’t wait for the start!

  3. Ah, the lovely lovely balloon race. super super idea.

    i’m clearly an idiot though, as I couldn’t get the darned widget to work. do you need to host your blog through wordpress rather than using their freebie no hosting option?

  4. Helen, you will need to use a hosted wordpress blog to get the widget to work, rather than the no-host option.

  5. erm..hello dude..i might be off topic here..i just wanna you add the playballoonacy widget?it seems when i try to add their javascript to my blogspot,it didnt appear didnt work! =(

    and yesterday, they sent an email to me

    You’ve submitted for inclusion in the Orange Balloon Race. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like the embed code you need to take part in the race is installed on that URL.

    =( =(

    Ive seen a guy’s blogpsot who have the widget in his site!

    you may visit my blog here :

    thank you!

  6. I think I just found you a bug. If a boost is picked up when exiting a site, and the following site is on the same domain but a different landing page, you lose the boost – and perhaps any other bonus items.

  7. I can’t get the balloonacy thing off my screen. Oddly, it doesn’t show up as a post (I use typepad) even though it’s there on my published blog. Help…

  8. Hi David

    Sorry you’re having trouble.

    It’s not a post. It looks like you’ve installed it in the sidebar somehow. I’m not hugely familliar with TypePad myself but here’s how I think you do it:

    1. Login to your typepad account.
    2. Go to the weblogs section and choose your blog
    3. Choose the design tab
    4. Click Select Content

    You should now see the page as it is here:

    5. Uncheck the tick box next to Balloonacy or hit the x next to it. Just get rid of it however you can.

    If this doesn’t work or you have any more problems let me know.



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