Red Bull Music Academy – Brilliant

I’ve not really looked into the Red Bull Music Academy stuff before.


There’s some brilliant video lectures and an awesome podcast. It’s like TED for cool music.

The lectures are full of heroic musical dudes from bunch of different genres. Tony Allen, Ron Trent, Arthur Baker, Prins Thomas, Dereck May, Superpitcher, Jazzanova, Radioslave, Recloose, Greg Wilson, Daniel Wang, Maurice Fulton, Alex Smoke, Kode 9, Mu-ziq, Mathew Jonson, Peter Hook, Dixon, Danny Krivit, Ewan Pearson and more.

Red Bull seem to be a brand that nails this kind of thing again and again. Nice one.

4 thoughts on “Red Bull Music Academy – Brilliant”

  1. I first heard about Red Bull Music Academy from a colleague who’s also a musician, and he similarly raved about it. They do some nice things in the music space, from BC One through the new Red Bull Studio, very event and activation focused, getting people involved and providing something of value just for the brand halo. Same in the art space for that matter with Art of Can and the Illume competition. Consistently well thought of and well executed.

  2. They started this years ago didn’t they? I think that’s why its good. They just stick at it, even when the dj / dance thing stopped being as popular. If this idea was a person, it’d be a goth. In it for life.

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