2 thoughts on “10 Things Google Found To Be True”

  1. I can see why Google wants to position their brand like this, but just saying all those things don’t necessarily make them true :o)

    I have some comments to the list:

    1. Focus on the user and all else will follow.
    There are no users. Users are humans using your application in order to just use it, with no ambition, no superior goal, no activity. Nobody uses a piece of technology or information just to use it – it is always part of a greater process. The problem with our industry language today is that it discriminates peoples ambitions, goals and needs, and removes all the empathy from the discourse. We need to introduce descriptions of peoples goals into the discussions in order to give them context and motivation – so that we can understand WHY they visit and use our solutions, not only accept that they are there. I as an example have not been a “user” on google today. I’ve been a “planner” (to plan a day out) a “blogpost writer” a “marketer” and “planner” (of profession).

    3. Fast is better than slow.
    Totally depends on the industry your in. Many industries should rather try to focus on quality and personality these days as FAST seldom becomes the differentiating factor between brands.

    4. Democracy on the web works.
    As long as it is controlled – Nicolas G. Carr has a great take on this in “The ignorance of Crowds“.

    6. You can make money without doing evil.
    Google has been rated the most evil company in the world when it comes to ignoring your rights regarding personal privacy. Awarded the first place by Privacy International with the quote “Extensive user surveillance and hostile to privacy”. Adding this to compliance with wishes from oppressive regimes private organizations and companies. Doesn’t paint a very pretty picture.

    8. The need for information crosses all border.
    Agree:o) And according to Universal McCanns Wave.3 report, it tends to follow language lines, not geography.

    – And excellently “stolen” from Core 77, thanks .o)

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