My Talk at Under The Influence

Here’s the talk I did at Iris’ excellent Under the Influence day. It’s basically about digital experiences and magic and how the two are interconnected.

Hope it’s OK – from my perspective I think it wanders a bit at the end (I sort of ran out of preparation time). As usual I can’t bear to watch it in order to tell if it’s rubbish or not. I need to get over my fear of seeing and hearing myself, it makes it impossible to do anything on YouTube or the like.

I wish I’d got to see more of the day’s other talks but I was busy writing my presentation and doing other work. But now thanks to the magical internet and the generosity of Iris I can see them all online. Hooray.

7 thoughts on “My Talk at Under The Influence”

  1. Wanted to be there in person but was in Helsinki greeting my new goddaughter….

    Anyway, great to see you this way. I love the way you got everyone talking about digital experiences using the word ‘magic’. I don’t think there was one comment or question without it, which was fascinating to observe.

    Also it’s a very valid point you made about needing to move away from feeding people activities and entertainment, to providing them with tools to work out things to do for themselves, and how that affect the level of engagement and supposedly in the end their preference and loyalty.

    I think what gets in the way is that a lot of big brands are finding it difficult to trust their customers to treat or represent their brand correctly, forgetting that no matter how brilliantly the brand has been built, it is nothing without the customers who believe in it.

    Also what’s making it difficult for the creative digital industry is the reluctance of big corporations to let go of their up-front IP right demands. This is a significant hurdle to open innovation projects between corporates and SMEs/entrepreneurs as currently the small guy always loses out.

    I don’t know what the answers are but it’s comforting to realise that more and more people are aware of the questions :)

  2. Yeah, you do sound different on this vid. You sound like Roland Rivron. What’s going on there? I’ve not noticed it in real life.

  3. great presentation Iain, wanted to come along but was experiencing a day of client witchcraft ;-)
    liking the ‘where’s the magic?’ acid test.

  4. I’m sure the UTI site featured videos of the various talks, but they seem to have been taken down.
    Any ideas where i can see them now?


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