I’m Almost Back

It’s hard to get back into the swing. I’m almost there.

But my first day back was a big old day of Fast Strategy at the IPA surrounded by way-clever people. I feel a bit scared about starting to re-blog after that. And tomorrow I’ve got a day of big pitching.

I really want to share the things I learned from my mental detox week. But it might be a day or two before I do. Sorry about that…

And then I’ll tell you all about Fast Strategy (feels like someone’s trying to TM it somewhere, but I’m not sure where).

It’s nice to be reconnected.

I think…

3 thoughts on “I’m Almost Back”

  1. Just spent about four days back in Blighty more or less without my computer (had it with me but a combination of shit wireless and lots of nice walks with my girlfriend meant I didn’t really log on). I missed the feeling of connectivity, and felt the odd pang of guilt at neglecting my own blog, but overall I realised that I spend way too much time on aimless, idle surfing. Just filling time. I think you made a point in one of your earlier observations of the importance of focus. Agree with that.

  2. There’s an important point in there somewhere…

    Last week with no technology you managed to write a few interesting posts and it was all good. This week, with technology, one of your first posts is about the fact that you don’t have time to blog.

    I thought technology was here to help us out so we could use our time in a more effective manner?

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