Typographic Synthesizer – So Good It’s Magic!

You know sometimes when you see something so amazing that you almost forget to breathe while you’re looking at it. Well I’m just about finished hyperventilating after the end of this video.

The guys at Meek.fm have created something that creates an incredible relationship between typography, sound and a control surface. You can tweak type using knobs, and the sound is generated by the form of the letters. It’s nuts. Totally nuts.

I also love the modesty of the video, the fact it ends with an almost slightly unsure: “OK, that’s it. Thanks”. If I was wearing a hat I’d take it off to these guys.

3 thoughts on “Typographic Synthesizer – So Good It’s Magic!”

  1. The web.nothing but endless possibilities.that said I’m worried about how meaningless it’s all become. Type ‘support’ into google and not a help line in sight. The web may not have a conscience but god help us if today ‘support’ means maximising the performance of your Mac.

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