Charticles one day, NewsGlobes the next. It’s all getting a bit ‘Day Today‘ round these parts.

NewsGlobe is a project that’s come out of the stables. There’s a description of how it came about here.

For last month’s Yahoo! Hack Day, I decided to show off some of the impressive capabilities of the latest Adobe Flash Player and ActionScript 3 by building a visually interesting new way to browse Yahoo! News top stories. In a surprisingly short amount of time, I was able to mash up two existing Yahoo! services, and then represent the information in a virtual environment I call the NewsGlobe.

I love the non-committal use of ‘surprisingly short amount of time’, in my head that means a few hours. I’ve got a hyperactive head sometimes.

But I really would love to know how quickly this was pulled together. Because although, as the author admits, it’s not perfect. It is a slick piece of interface design which I’m sure will be imitated widely. And once you’ve built the engine there’s lots you can do with it…

My mind’s drifted back to The Day Today and I can’t help thinking about building News Kidneys or 3D Currency Cats:

currency cat

5 thoughts on “NewsGlobe”

  1. Surely a surprisingly short amount of time is less than half an hour. Or 5 minutes. Actually I suppose it’s all relative I guess 5 minutes would be a long time for a minute to last.

  2. Isn’t a surprisingly short amount of time less time than you thought you had because your watch stopped? Then it’s a surprise. Otherwise it’s just plain old short amount of time when you thought you might have needed longer. But it’s not like they suddenly finished it without realising it.

    Time, being progressive, constant and continuous as it is, would be steadily advancing as they worked. They would surely have some idea of coming to the end of the project several minutes before they ended, so it wouldn’t be much of a surprise.

    Okay, I’ll shut up.

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