All Loading Devices are The Devil’s Work

OK, I can bitch about circular loading devices. But I swear now that bars are no bloody better.

I’m trying to archive off a whole chunk of my iTunes library that I don’t like so much. And it’s taking hours and hours to do it. But what’s really bugging me is that iTunes is showing me a bar.

An X of Y measurement. Like so…


So I thinks to myself, looks about 20% of the way there, but then I look again and I see this:


The number of tracks is going up. But so is the total. So everything is moving.

Well let me tell you I could have wept.

I still might.

2 thoughts on “All Loading Devices are The Devil’s Work”

  1. i only just caught up on both the circular and the bar device rant and as weird as it possibly me too, yay – great posts!

    the safari dial and the mac beachball drive me bonkers and itunes is not much better.

    i can just handle it when mac OSX tells me that it’s going to take 51 minutes to download and i thank the lord regularly that i’m not a pc gal most of the time ‘cos the floating folders burst bloody vessels.

    perhaps we could have more relative time indications: Enough Time To Make A Cup of Tea, Enough Time To Make Lunch, Go To Bed And It’ll Be Ready In The Morning, etc.

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