More Electronic Music On Mainstream TV

Lord knows how these connections get made, but I stumbled on a second clip from ‘old TV’ featuring another seminal moment in electronic music. This time it’s Giorgio Moroder on German TV…

(Amazingly good quality video clip too!)

2 thoughts on “More Electronic Music On Mainstream TV”

  1. That’s a lovely find, especially how Joachim “Blacky” Fuchsberger interviews Moroder with such earnest awe!
    This emphatic embrace of synthesizer sounds as a film score reminds me a bit of Jean Michel Jarre’s “OXYGENE” in “Gallipoli”, a film where those sounds are completely out of place: soldiers of that 1915 battle fighting to Jarre’s synth heavy melodies…hm.

  2. How’s this for a funny connection:
    Midnight Express is my all time favourite film and my dad was once a contestant on this show.
    It’s called “Auf Los Geht’s Los” and was quite cutting edge in the 70s and 80s, believe it or not.
    This show introduced me to the Rock Steady Crew and Breakdancing and Hip Hop, which is quite something seeing since I grew up amongst Lederhosen wearing thigh slappers and cows.

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